Core Business


AIF Securities Limited provides financial services including stocks, securities and futures brokerage to fulfill the demand of the market. In the future, the Group is also planning to make use of the Shanghai-Hong Kong and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect to further consolidate our business in Hong Kong and to develop strategic cooperation on the mutual securities business in Mainland China and “B&R” countries.

Asset Management

AIF Asset Management Limited offers a broad and customized portfolio of financial products to clients and strive to create maximized value. In the future, we will spare our effort to seek potential investment opportunities in “B&R” countries. The Group has set up ASIA INVFIN International shipping Merger & Acquisition Fund, the Hong Kong-Kazakhstan logistics growth fund and the aircraft lease fund, seizing the opportunities to acquire high-quality businesses of strategic industries.


AIF Finance Limited is involved in personal loans and corporate loans business, providing various finance services for individuals and corporations.


Relying on our experiences and network in International shipping, resources and energies, non-performing asset management, SOE reform, finance and banking etc., we continuously create and search for investments opportunities on high-quality projects.

International Trading

The Group is involving in some strategic industries by performing tradings business in order to create cash flow for the Group, we aim to occupy larger share of the market, and eventually the Group shall develop upstream industries and gain control on scarce resources with strategic importance.